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Mrs. M. Callaghan

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Reading & Language Arts:
1. Study D.O.L. week 16
2. Reread lesson 13 story 
3. Review lesson 13 vocabulary and packets (Compare & Contrast and Phonics: Contractions)

Holiday card for your pen pal will be due on Friday!

Study/review lesson 13 words 
Throughout the week we practice our spelling words with many exciting activities.

We are finishing up Unit 5. Test will be next Thursday! Start reviewing now!

Social Studies:
We are finishing up chapter 4. Please start studying your vocabulary flash cards and reviewing the chapter. Test will be next Tuesday! 

1.  $2.00 for the Holiday Party due next week.
2.  $1.00 for Miss Marge, our wonderful lunch mom. She really does a fantastic job taking care of the students during lunch and recess. The students LOVE her (so do I)! We will be purchasing a holiday gift for her. Thanks so much in advance!

Have a THOUGHTFUL Thursday!

14 Days until Christmas!

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